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Terms & Conditons

Code of Practice for Air-Wifi


Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') is applying for an ISP license with the Nigerian Communication Commission with an aim to provide customers, both business and mass-market consumers, with a full range of innovative products and service based on quality, reliability and value for money. Our products and service are delivered over a network based on a world-class wireless technology solution, which includes a state-of-the-art Wireless Access network. In delivering our products and service, our aim is to make it easy for customers to do business with us.

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') will offer the following service to customers in Nigeria:

The purpose of this Code of Practice

This Code of Practice has been developed as a guide to help you to understand the relationship you have with us as a customer of Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi'). It will enable you to:

This Code of Practice is a requirement by the Nigerian Communication Commission ('NCC'). Customers can access this Code of Practice from our website.

How to contact Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') Customer Care Services

Please visit our Contact Page for detailed information on how to reach us. Our Customer Helpline is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Accounts Enquiries or Payments

Our Accounts Department is open Monday to Saturday from 8.00am to 5.00pm. Telephone: +234 807 349 2023- with all calls charged at the standard national rates.

Payments can be made as follows: -

Service Termination

To terminate your service, you are required to visit any of Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') Head office or branches or website at www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co and complete an application form requesting termination of current subscribed service(s) and indicating reasons thereof.

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') will take steps to terminate your service immediately upon (i) receipt of notification of your desire to terminate your service with Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') and (ii) payment of all outstanding amounts against the service to be cancelled. The length of time it will take for the service to be cancelled should be no longer than three (3) working days, depending on Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') finalization of all outstanding issues in relation to your account, including issuance of credits, when applicable. Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') will bill you for the services you have used up until the date upon which cancellation is effective or in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service that you signed with Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi'), if otherwise agreed.


Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') customers can call the Customer Care Helpline on +234 807 349 2023 at any time (the line is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week) or email our customer care department at customercare@hot-minetservices.com if they have any problems which need to be reported about Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') service.

If issues is still not resolve in 1hr customers can call the head of customer Care on +234 805 636 6286 or complete complaint form from our offices or online website and submit to us if you have any complaints that we are not able to resolve over the phone using our Customer Helpline number.

General philosophy

We recognise the importance of customers to our business and our aim is to ensure that we provide customers with a superior experience whenever they interact with us. The customer is our priority and our desire to meet the needs and expectations of customers drives all our actions. We welcome feedback from customers, both good and bad, and we will always use such feedback to enhance and improve the customer’s experience. Our mission is to develop, design and deliver great broadband internet solution to every customer based on our values of customer-focus, innovation, simplicity, quality, reliability and value for money.

Further information about Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') services is provided below.


Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') will provide the following services to its customers nationwide in Nigeria:

  1. Wireless Services

    Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') provides the following services over its Wireless Access Network in Nigeria:
  1. Broadband Internet Access

    Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') Broadband Internet Access services over our Wireless Access Network offer:

Customer Service

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') continually strives to ensure that we provide the best service possible by seeking and listening to feedback from our customers. Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') is also committed to ensuring that the purchase and implementation process for our products is as quick and easy as possible.

You will be able use our web-enabled self-service to place orders and sign up for our products and manage your account online via www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co


Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') solution can be purchased via our in-house direct sales team and through our network of accredited channel partners. For business client we will attribute specialized sales representatives to our individual clients to handle their accounts. You can also visit any of our retail shops or you can use our web-enabled self-service to place orders and sign up for our products as well as to manage your account and pay your bills via the Internet through our website www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co

Quality of Service

The quality Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') services can vary and is dependent on many factors. Unfortunately, some of these factors are out of Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') control but Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') strives to offer customers an excellent quality of service at all times. Here are some points on service reliability.


Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') shall publish its tariffs and charges on the Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') website at www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co as well as in other Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') promotional materials such as leaflets and flyers to be made available in Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') retail outlets, where practicable.

Up-to-date prices for our products and services are always available on the relevant websites or by calling our Call centre on +234 807 349 2023


Payment can be made by any of the approved payment methods that include payment in cash at Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') offices and retail outlets or by way of cheque resulting in cleared funds sent to Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') at the above address or any other method approved and publicized on the Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') website.

e-Billing will be available for customers and ePayments can be made and customers should be able to check their accounts online through the Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') website at www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co

Disconnections and cancellation of services

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') reserves the right to suspend or cancel any service(s) in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Service for the service(s) - for example, if you do not pay your bill or exceed your monthly credit limit.

In the event Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') suspends your service(s), monthly recurring charges shall continue to accrue until full payment against all outstanding amounts is made and service(s) is/are either restored or terminated.

To find out more about the methods Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') uses to disconnect or suspend customers' accounts and the reasons why Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') may need to do this, please see the relevant Terms and Conditions of Service for your service on our home website at www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co.

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') will use its best endeavours to inform its customers prior to any possible service outage. Where possible, it will give customers 3days notice and will publish this service information on its website.


Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') is committed to protect information about its customers and shall use its most reasonable commercial endeavours to protect any information it holds about its customers and to return it to a customer within five (5) working days of receiving a written request from the customer to do so.

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') Privacy and Data Protection Policy sets out the personal information we collect about you and describes how we may use that information. Our privacy policy also contains details of how you can opt in and out of receiving our marketing information.

Details of our Privacy Policy can be found on our website at www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co.

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') takes your privacy very seriously and is committed to following any regulations or procedures laid down by NCC or any laws and regulations in force in Nigeria. We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the provision of services and the operation of and information transmitted through Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') Wireless network is secure.

Communicating with you

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') tries to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us at any time by telephone, email, online or post. All contact details are published on our website. We have to tell you about any material changes and may provide you with notice of non-material changes in a manner consistent with Mena’s Terms and Conditions.

Our current Terms and Conditions of Service are available online at www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co

We will also keep you up to date with more routine service changes that do not affect our Terms and Conditions of Service. We strongly advise, as detailed in our Terms and Conditions of Service, that you regularly check for any important service information from us on our website at www.hot-minetservices.com or www.air-wifi.co

Receiving marketing and other information

Apart from communicating with you about matters that affect your service, we will give you the opportunity to receive other information, including our customer e-bulletins and information about special offers. You can opt in and out of these communications at any time by following the instructions in the email you have received.

We value your feedback

The Code will be regularly reviewed in line with the NCC’s requirements. We take pride in ensuring that our customers remain important to us and we value your feedback. If you have any suggestions or questions about this code of practice, please email us at info@hot-minetservices.com.

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') Terms and Conditions of Service and Code of Practice for the provision of our services can be subject to change due to regulatory, legal or commercial developments.

Hot-Minet Services Ltd ('Air-Wifi') reserves the right to revise this Code of Practice at any time.