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air-Calabar coverage

Check out our total coverage areas and points we intend to cover to make the city of Calabar a Digital City

About Air-Calabar

Everything you need to know about Air-Calabar


Hot-Minet Services is making Calabar the digital city by providing Air-Wifi Network service across the city. Making Calabar the Digital City of Nigeria will in no wise benefit the Government of Cross Rivers State, businesses, Visitors and her resident directly and indirectly.
The general justification for this innovative project is to improve the internally generated revenue of the state; create a conducive environment for businesses to thrive; encourage use of ICT by all inhabitants of the state; and many more.
This Digitalized City project has been successfully implemented in several cities around the world and such cities have benefited tremendously from its existence. The top ten Digital Cities of the world are:

  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Stockholm
  • San Francisco and Silicon Valley
  • Glasgow
  • New York
Now it's time for Calabar to be ranked amongst the best digital cities created by Air-Wifi

Aim of Project

To make Calabar a digital connected and a truly future city.


  • High speed and stable internet connectivity within the city
  • Cheaper cost to end users
  • Easy access to internet from any part of the city
  • Increase Government's IGR
  • Attract more foreign direct investments to the state
  • Facilitate waves of innovation and brand the city as Tech-Friendly
  • Increased job Opportunities
  • Improve Quality of Life of residence of the city and business people operating within and around the city

Future Join in Solutions

With the network in place around Calabar Metropolis, we can also implement solutions in;

  1. City Wide Security and surveillance system
  2. Emergency Response Services

Our Service Plan

Choose from our list Data bundles provided below

1 1 Hour Up to 512kbps 1 Day N200.00
2 800Mb 3MB+ 14 Days N500.00
3 2GB 3MB+ 30 Days N1,000.00
4 7GB 4MB+ 30 Days N3,000.00
5 18GB 10MB+ 30 Days N5,000.00
6 40GB 10MB+ 30 Days N10,000.00
7 90Gb 10MB+ 60 Days N20,000.00

Unlimited Data Plans

Corporate Unlimited Plans

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